Simple But Elegant in Black

Realistically we don’t always have the time and energy to think about what to wear the next day or how to match different prints, fabrics, textures and accessories. But on our lazy days, we can still look chic and stylish without putting lots of effort.


For example, a simple black dress is something that most girls would have in their closet. Other mono color pieces or the “matching top and bottom” pieces are also great options. For those outfits, you really don’t need too much accesories.


Whala! Now you created an effortless but elegant look that appears like you just took forever to get ready.


These are more like throwbacks. Those photos are taken on a trip with friends, we passed by the Sauble Beach on our way home. This place is beautiful and relaxing. The weather is great that day. So I just wanted to share the great view with you guys.


We also bought some fireworks and lit them when the place got dark. We all had a great time for that weekend.

I hope you guys enjoy this post !

Stay positive and productive 🙂